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Every Trip Counts – Program Overview

The Every Trip Counts program is the result of a terrific partnership between the Smart Commute Metro North Transportation Management Organization, the Regional Air Quality Council and the Regional Air Quality Council’s OzoneAware program.

The Every Trip Counts Program asks participants to reduce two car trips per week from Memorial Day to Labor Day — when ozone pollution is highest.

Not driving your car during the summer ozone months is one of the best ways you can help reduce ozone creating pollutants. How you choose to reduce two car trips is entirely up to you! Everything counts as long as you are not driving your car at least two trips per week. You can bike, walk, take the bus, carpool, vanpool, work from home or just chill out at home.

By joining the Every Trip Counts program you will be able to track your environmental impact and be eligible for prize drawings for RTD ride coupons.

We will be out in the community a lot this summer.  Come and check us out!  For a list of events, please see the Routes and Resources tab.

 This program is the result of a terrific partnership which includes:

Smart Commute Metro North TMO

Adams County



Commerce City



Federal Heights









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For additional information or questions, contact Kate Cooke Transportation Program Manager, Regional Air Quality Council