Community Outreach, Bus Routes, Bike Routes and Other Useful Information


Community Outreach

Every Trip Counts and Smart Commute Metro North will be out in the community beginning in 2017.  Come to one of these events and check us out.  You might even score some bus ride tickets!

Bus Route Information

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) provides transit service throughout the metro area. Current information about schedules, routes and fares are provided on the RTD website.

If you are looking for a one-stop resource for route planning, Google provides a good resource for using the bus, walking or riding your bike. And the Go Denver app provides mobility choices for how you can travel to your destination.

Bike Route Information and Other Bike Resources
  • If you are looking to ride your bike, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)maintains a regional bike route map that is comprised of the maps of all the cities and counties here in the metro area. This is a great resource that allows you to specify your starting and ending locations even if they cross the boundaries of various cities.
  • Bicycle Colorado provides information about biking and provides links to a number of bike route maps.
  • Bike Denver also has a number of good resources on it’s website.
  • The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)maintains a bike safety manual that has many good tips on bike safety.
  • If you are heading into Denver and want to ride your bike downtown, the Denver BCycle program provides bikes for rent for a nominal fee, or you can purchase a membership and ride all summer. If you are heading to Boulder, the City of Boulder also has a BCycle Program!
  • Google provides a good resource for using the bus, walking or riding your bike. Just enter your starting location and destination, then Google will provide routes for transit, biking and walking.
  • Bike to Work Month is the month of June.   We will have multiple stations in the Smart Commute Metro North area.  Be sure to check us out!  You can sign up for Bike to Work Day here.
Current Traffic Conditions

CDOT provides information about current travel conditions.

Car Sharing Companies

If you only need to use a car occasionally, you might consider getting rid of your car completely! eGo Carshare is a company that provides short-term car rentals. Car2Go also provides short-term car rentals. And Enterprise CarShare provides cars located throughout Downtown Denver, Uptown, and Capitol Hill, and ZipCar provides cars in Denver and Ft. Collins.

Ride Matching Services

If you are looking for carpool or vanpool partners, the Denver Regional Council of Governments is the place to go! Their WaytoGo program will help you find carpool and vanpool partners.

Air Quality Information

Check out the RAQC’s Simple Steps. Better Air. (SSBA) program to learn about air quality in the Denver metro area. The SSBA program provides excellent information about ways that you can help decrease the creation of ground-level ozone pollution, which is Denver’s biggest air quality concern.

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